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Each facial at House of Aloe is customized to your individual skincare needs! Nobody’s skin is the same so its important to me to ensure you are receiving the best, most effective treatment for your concerns & conditions in a relaxing, safe & luxurious setting.

Start by choosing your time frame & selecting an add-on (you deserve it), or choose a specific specialty treatment from the other facial options, and I'll take care of the rest! From tackling unwanted texture, dull, dry, irritated skin to getting rid of unwanted breakouts, pigmentation & fine lines (or even if you’re just looking for a moment of self care)  I create a custom experience to leave you feeling refreshed, confident & visibly glowing. 

Through clinically proven, professional grade ingredients & facial massage to increase circulation, drain excess fluid (goodbye puffiness, hello glow!) & relieve stress in tense muscles, my facials provide results and relaxation! Welcome to the skin of your dreams!

There's no need to worry or question your decision- Every treatment is fully customized & includes a thorough skin analysis & discussion, a deep pore cleanse, guided exfoliation & extractions (unless contraindicated), a neck and shoulder massage (bonus!), a moisturizing/hydrating finishing treatment & mineral SPF. 

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The House Custom Facial (60 minutes) - 115

This facial is customized your individual skincare needs! Whether its tackling pigmentation, smoothing lines & texture, clearing unwanted congestion, soothing redness or not knowing what your skin needs this treatment will leave you glowing & confident on where to go from here!

 Starting with a skin analysis & discussion about our goals, your facial will include a deep cleanse, custom exfoliation & treatment, extractions, relaxing face massage (bonus neck & shoulders!) & finish with specific serums, moisturizers, hydrators & SPF. Leave with smooth, soothed, glowing skin & the knowledge to maintain it. 

Recommended Add-Ons: Dermaplaning | Buccal Massage | Eye & Lip Refresh

The House Custom Advanced Facial (75 minutes) - 135

This facial is customized to your individual skincare needs with added time to tackle your goals!

 This advanced facial includes the custom steps of the 60 minute House Custom Facial as well as extra time to focus on areas of concern with an advanced treatment mask or massaging out excessive stress in the face. This time is all about you! 

Recommended Add-Ons: Dermaplaning | Enzyme Treatment | Hair & Scalp Treatment

The House Custom Deluxe Facial (90 minutes) - 155

The ultimate in results & relaxation. Fully customized treatment with added time to focus on specific concerns, superficial & deeper!

Achieve a lasting glow with this deluxe rejuvenating facial. This luxurious treatment includes everything from the Custom Advanced as well as an advanced hydrating, brightening, clarifying or anti-aging treatment custom blended to achieve your skin goals & time to focus on each issue you’d like to address - targeted skin treatments or additional massage!

 Recommended Add-Ons: Refreshing Hands & Feet | Hair & Scalp Treatment | Dermaplaning

The Beyond Botox Facial (90 minutes) - 180

Renew & revitalize the skin while skipping the botox with this powerful treatment. Potent anti-aging peptides, powerful antioxidants, superior hydration, & science-backed botanicals will infuse the skin with intelligent ingredients that will stimulate new cell growth, repair & rejuvenated most all skin types leaving a firm, luminous glow.

After a deep cleanse & analysis, we will dermaplane your face to remove the surface layer of dead skin (bonus-no more baby hairs!) allowing for deeper, even product penetration followed by an AHA/BHA treatment to further turnover dead skin cells. Next, enjoy a sculpting, draining face massage & stress-reducing neck & shoulder rub while a firming peptide mask works to provide immediate results.

This treatment is perfect for anyone looking to tighten up their skin & remove the fine "baby hairs" from the face while relaxing to a stress-reducing shoulder massage during the peptide firming mask that provides immediate results.

The Oxygenating Glow (75 minutes) - 140

Breathe new life into your skin! Antioxidant rich cocoa enzymes will gently dissolve dulling skin cell build up followed by a revitalizing oxygen infusion treatment to immediately reduce redness, acne breakouts & rosacea flareups, bringing an even bright glow to your skin.

A controlled amount of oxygen is generated at optimal levels on the skin to provide maximum benefits for brighter, firmer skin.

Perfect for all skin types, especially those looking to replace the "ruddy" look associated with rosacea, acne & dry, windburned skin.

The Peel (30 - 40 minutes) - 140

MUST RECIEVE A CONSULTAION FACIAL (any custom house facial) PRIOR TO BOOKING A PEEL TREATMENT. Without proper pre-care and post care, results will vary. 

Includes your peel treatment & a 40 minute follow-up facial treatment 7-14 days post peel which is necessary to ensure proper healing is occurring & ensure proper delivery of vital nutrients to your skin post peel.

The Peel System is a deeper peel with a unique acid complex that effectively lightens pigmentation due to acne, melasma or photo damaged skin, refines lines & wrinkles & reduces acne leaving the skin looking & feeling years younger. Combined with a Vitamin A Accelerator, this complex is designed to accelerate physical peeling without excessive damage & effectively breaks down damaged cells & stimulates cellular rejuvenation resulting in a flawless complexion.

Designed to improve fine lines/wrinkles, pigmentation from sun damage as well as hormonal discoloration, acne & acne scarring & give an overall softness & radiance to your skin. For optimal skin renewal, a series of 3 peels is ideal.

the buccal facials - vary

Learn all about buccal facials here

The Back Facial (45 minutes) - 65

Enjoy a signature facial - but for your back. Receive a deep cleanse, mask & extractions (when needed), and either LED or high frequency to treat breakout. You're back has never felt or looked cleaner!


Enhance your experience and results by adding any of the following to your chosen facial.

Dermaplane - 35

Plane and simple, a surgical blade is used to remove Vellus (baby) hair, dead skin, dirt and oil from the surface of the skin. Taking 'glow' to a new level. Great for all skin types and treating scars, fine lines and pigmentation. 

Enzyme/Acid Upgrade - 15

Renew & revitalize the skin with a stimulating peel without the peeling! Add an extra enzyme or acid (delivered in an aloe vera base to prevent downtime & peeling while effectively treating the skin) to boost the results of your already targeted facial!

Perfect for tackling excessive dryness, oiliness, diminishing fine lines & wrinkles, scarring & treating unwanted pigmentation.

Oxygen Treatment Upgrade - 20

A controlled amount of oxygen is generated at optional levels on the skin to provide maximum benefits and help to replace the ruddy-look associated with acne, rosacea and telangiectasia, with brighter skin. This treatment is extremely nourishing and beneficial for all skin types. 

Eye & Lip Restore - 15

Give the eyes a refreshing boost with this cooling, wrinkle minimizing treatment that will make it look like you've gotten your full 8 hours of sleep! At the same time, achieve smooth and soft lips with a brightening microdermabrasion peel while locking in perfect hydration with peptides. Diminish the appearance of vertical lip lines and leave with perfectly plump lips.

Timeless Hands & Feet - 20

Relieve dry, dull, and sun-damaged hands with this restoring treatment. A brightening exfoliation will immediately buff and smooth uneven texture, while a firming and hydrating massage leaves hands feeling relaxed and looking flawless 


Shed the dead (skin) holding you back with an exfoliating foot scrub followed by a hydrating foot and leg massage. Perfect for reviving those cracked, dry feet. Your feet will thank you!

Nourish Hair & Scalp - 20

Nourish, hydrate and invigorate with a smoothing, deep conditioning hair treatment paired with an invigorating scalp oil to stimulate & deeply nourish the skin on your head. Finish with revitalizing high frequency resulting in more growth in a healthier follicle.

Gua Sha /  Face Cupping - 15

Great for all skin types, Gua Sha is a relaxing massage technique designed to sculpt the face and detoxify the skin. Paired with the stimulating effects of facial cupping it will increase circulation (hello glow), reduce under eye circles and puffiness, and visibly soften fine lines and wrinkles. 

Waxing & Tinting

Waxing Tips - Read up on these tips before scheduling your waxing appointment.

Eyebrow Shaping - 20

Achieve that gorgeous brow shape (or clean up the one you already have!) using wax, tweeze & trimming where necessary. I value your brows just as much (and more!) as you do! You're in good hands.

Eyebrow Design - 30

Achieve that gorgeous brow shape (or clean up the one you already have!) AND perfectly natural (or bold) color using a curated brow tint, wax, tweeze & trimming where necessary. I value your brows just as much (and more!) as you do! You're in good hands.

Eyelash Tint - 20

Make your eyes pop and ditch the mascara. Relax while I bring your lashes to the perfect color you can wake up with everyday. 

Eye By Design - 40

Get everything you need to wake up looking refreshed (even if you aren't!) Includes eyebrow shaping, tinting and eyelash tinting.

Small Face Area - 10

Areas include upper lip, nose (its not as bad as it sounds!) or chin.

Legs - 40+

Remove the hair from either the Upper/Lower ($40), or Full Leg ($65-$75).

Bikini - $20+

Remove the hair from either your Bikini Line ($20) or bring it in further with a Bikini Plus - which includes the bikini, top and inner bikini ($40). Pricing will vary for extended areas of removal.

Underarms - $20

Unwanted underarm hair is the pits! 

Back - $30+

Remove unwanted hair from either half ($30) or all of your back ($45). Pricing will vary to include shoulders if requested.

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